Outranking Google

Building a brand isn’t just slapping a name on something, and slapping a name on something isn’t necessarily building a brand. When you assign a name to a business that you believe has the potential for success, the name you give it should be the name everybody naturally wants to call it. It should be the first word that pops into someone’s mind when they think of your business. For example, if you are the owner of a pizzeria and you chose to name after your father, Joey. So you might call it “Joey’s” or even “Joey’s Pizza”. However, if the neighborhood locals continue to call your business “The Pizza Place”, and word gets around, and you become associated with being “The Pizza Place” you might consider changing the name to “The Pizza Place”. After you are known for being “the pizza place” you now have an expectation to uphold. With that being said, you need to make sure, that whatever you put or not put in your pizza is something no one else is putting, or not putting, in their pizzas.

After your household name, an entire neighborhood of loyal customers, and a secret ingredient, you now need permission. First, you should make sure that no one else in your area has the same name. However, name approval is not all you need. There are licenses and permits that go along with opening a pizzeria. After you have all the permission you need, the best idea is to find an excellent way to link people and make it a beautiful social place. For example, if someone wants to sit in quiet, dull, unentertaining place then they go to a local super market and buy a pizza. What you need to offer is a nice feel of comfort and an obvious reason people would hang around, such as games, tv or a little five lane bowling alley in the back. Just something that makes your pizzeria like no other pizzeria or restaurant period for that matter.

In the business world, there is a phrase that states “It’s hard getting to the top, it’s even harder staying there.” That’s true, along with the fact that you can tell if a business will succeed or fail in the first six months. Once you fill the capacity of your restaurant and business is where you want it, then your goal should be to maintain whatever it is you did to achieve your success. Now you would conduct a small experiment to do one of two or both things. First, you should find out what people like most about the place. I say this first because you don’t want to annoy or bombard you guest with quizzes and questions. This will also give you an idea of what to keep and what might not be the most attractive aspect of your business. If the customer seems offering, and not that irritated ask them how they heard about you. This will give you an idea of the best way to advertise for your business. After they have answered, thank them for coming and continue to poll the audience while taking mental notes.

Next, it might not be a bad idea to expand to other cultures or races that might be interested, or that might live in your area. For example, nowadays America’s Hispanic population and culture are growing by the minute. More and street signs, store signs, and even applications are printed in Spanish as well as English. So you may want to consider hiring some Spanish employees and adding some Spanish dishes to your menu. Now your restaurant seems diverse, cultured, modern and likes it had some business within the last three or four years or so.

Now, you want to build an essential step in the chain. This means you will want to start expanding your horizons. Start to make your pizzeria more and more convenient for people to eat there. This could include anything from delivering to just expanding. After you have one successful business and its running pretty well, you might realize that people come from over ten blocks away to have your one of a kind pizza. So, you might consider opening another of the same pizza places ten blocks down. Now you’re building a chain, and one day you will have as many buildings as McDonald’s or as many customers as Google.


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