4 Tips for Finding Web Hosting Coupons

Have you ever bought something and then found out that it was on sale for half the price at another store? Knowing that you have paid more than you needed to can be really frustrating even if you were pleased with the product itself. Don’t make the same mistake when you are choosing hosting for your website.

Using web hosting coupons will give you a discount when you are signing up for a hosting service. You get exactly the same hosting service but at a significantly reduced price.Sometimes a discount coupon will even provide you with additional features that you would not normally get with a basic package. However it is not always obvious where to find these web hosting coupons and which ones you should use.

To make the task easier here are four tips for finding the best web hosting coupons. #1 Decide Which Hosting Company You Want to Use Before you begin looking for web hosting coupons you should decide which hosting companies you would prefer to use. Getting a discount on the price is great but shouldn’t be the basis for your selection.

Instead find the company which has all of the features that you want and then look for a discount code for it rather than the other way around. You can quickly compare the features of different hosting companies by searching Google for “Hosting Comparison”. #2 Check User Reviews After you have a hosting company that you would like to use it is a good idea to see what other users have to say about it. One way to do this is visit one of the large webmaster forums and perform a search using the hosting companies name.

Some of the biggest webmaster forums include web master world, site point and web hosting talk. #3 Perform A Google Search Now that you have selected which hosting company you would like to use you can perform a Google search for the web hosting coupon. Type into Google the name of the hosting company + “hosting discount code”.

This should provide you with any discount codes that are available for that hosting company. If there are no discount codes available you may have to choose whatever was your second choice for the hosting. #4 Make Sure The Coupon Is Active Most coupons are only available for a limited period of time. Once this time period is up the coupon will no longer provide you with a discount. Unfortunately the coupons themselves often stay in the Google search results indefinitely so you may need to look through a few before you find one that actually works.

Assuming you have an active discount code for a hosting service review that meets your requirements you will now be able to begin the registration process. During the registration process you should be prompted to enter your discount code. This typically occurs just before payment.

If you are not prompted contact the hosting company before you finalize your payment and check that the discount code is still being accepted. If it is not ask them whether they are any active discount coupons currently on offer.