What's MyHobbySite?

MyHobbySite is a website Content Management System (CMS) programmed in PHP and tailored specifically for collectors of live music. Like any other CMS, MyHobbySite supports page creation, file management, and dynamic text editing via a WYSIWYG editor. What makes MyHobbySite unique are the collection management features created specifically for collectors and hobbyists. As of version 1.0, MyHobbySite is meant exclusively for collectors of live music recordings, but by version 2.0 users will be able to create new collections for any type of hobby.


We've taken over the original work of Caleb and updated it to work with the current hosting standards. All the code was verified to be safe and hack free. 

MyHobbySite CMS
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 Installation Requirements

  • Web host
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL 8 or MariaDB 10 database access


With its built-in modules, MyHobbySite offers a wide range of features created specifically for collectors of live music recordings.

Sample Screenshots

Below are some sample screenshots taken from the MyHobbySite admin control panel.

Admin Portal

Page Editor

Manage Skins

Manage Live Recordings

Add/Edit Live Recording

Manage Traders